We love cheeseburgers at Westmont and, whether it’s game night or date night, they’re our go-to for a simple and easy meal. We like to keep ours pretty simple and load ‘em up with pickles and onions for that big old crunch.

Here’s how.




Servings: 1




- Brioche bun

- 250g minced chuck

- Slice of American jack

- Malt & Mustard Onions

- Dill Pickles, sliced

- Ketchup and mustard, to taste





1. Fire up the grill

2. Season your minced chuck with S&P, then roll into a patty

3. Slap your patty on the grill and squish down. Cook for 2 mins per side

4. Grill your bun for 30 seconds, then slap on some ketchup and mustard

5. Top with your patty, then add Dill Pickles and onions

6. Dig in!