As far as we’re concerned, fried chicken and pickles were pretty much made for each other. Which is why we’ve been perfecting our fried chicken recipe for a while now. So here it is legends – cirspy, juicy and the best way to feed a crowd come game night.




Servings: 6-8




-       A couple packs of chicken drumsticks

-       Brine from the Aussie Gherkin

-       4 cups buttermilk

-       Plain flour

-       S&P

-       Spices of choice (we like cayenne and smoked paprika)

-       A big bottle of canola oil

-       Chilli Juice

-       Bread & Butter Pickles




1.     Dunk chicken in Aussie Gherkin brine and refrigerate overnight

2.     Pour buttermilk over chicken and refrigerate for a few hours

3.     Combine flour with spices, plus salt & pepper

4.     Cover chicken in flour mix and shake off excess

5.     Heat canola in a saucepan over medium heat. Get that baby hot!

6.     Fry chicken in batches for about 15-20 minutes, turning often

7.     Remove and let cool on paper towel

8.     Splash with Chilli Juice and top with Bread & Butter Pickles