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Few meals are as fast and delicious as a Bacon & Egg toastie. At Westmont, we like ‘em hot, so ours come served with a huge helping of pickled jalapeños and a big old splash of Chilli Juice.

The perfect winter comfort food, for anytime of day or night.




Servings: 1




-       Two slices of bread

-       Pickled jalapeños

-       One egg

-       Two rashers of streaky bacon

- Slice of your favourite cheese

-       Bread & Butter Pickles

-       S&P

-       Splash of Chilli Juice




1.     Prep one slice of bread with cheese and pickles

2.     Fry off bacon rashers until good and crunchy

3.     Add an egg to pan and fry for a few minutes, until the edges curl

4.     Top bread with egg and bacon, then add jalapeños

5.     Season with S&P, plus a splash of Chilli Juice

6.     Return sambo to pan and toast until golden on both sides

7.     Enjoy!