Steak Quesadilla, is our go-to snack at Westmont. The perfect arvo

bite, it is also super versatile. Do this one vego style if you prefer and

sub out the steak with black beans and a sprinkle of cumin. Then

wash it all down with a cold one, because why not?

Steak Quesadilla


Serves 1



- 1 Pack tortilla wraps

- 1 minute steak from your local butcher

- Sprinkle of good Mozzarella

- Westmont Aussie Gherkin

- Chilli Juice

- Your favourite American or Dijon Mustard



1. Let your steak come to room temp, then season well with salt and pepper and

douse with olive oil. Cook that minute steak to perfection (you do you). We like ours

rare, so just give it around 30 secs each side in a medium to high heat pan. Leave

steak to rest.


2.Grab your closest non stick pan or sambo press. We use a sambo press for extra

ease. Let your cooker come to a medium heat, then slap down your tortilla and

brown each side. This should take about 30 secs, or just enough time for the tortilla

to dry out a bit and crisp up down the track.


3. After removing your tortilla from the heat, slice up your steak nice and thin – or

however you like it really. Season again if nesessary.


4.Whack your tortilla back on a meduim to low heat. Now this sucker is going to get

folded in half, so sprinke a small handfull of mozzarella on one side of the tortilla.

Pull out the pickled onions from the bottom of your Aussie Gherkin tub and feel free

to get some of those spices in there too. Sprinkle them on top of your cheese. Last

to go on is your steak, and possibly a little more cheese if needed. Fold in half and

either squash down with your sambo press, or place a smaller sized pan on top.

Cook on both sides for about a minute and a half.


5. Slice your Quesadilla in thirds and serve with a good dollop of mustard and a

splash of Chilli Juice, then grab an Aussie Gherkin to munch on the side.